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Current Cheat Status and The Future

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by EliteMMO, Mar 29, 2019.

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    Jan 3, 2018
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    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to make a small announcement regarding the current cheat, and a larger announcement regarding the cheat going forward after the English version of Kiritika shuts down.

    Current Cheat Status

    I have disabled the hardware check on the server side, thus you should be able to use the cheat as much as you want on any system as long as you are a valid subscriber now for the remainder of the English version of Kritika's life span. The game is shutting down soon, but we want you to have fun. :)

    The Future Of Our Hack

    As you all know, the English version of Kritika is shutting down soon. That said the main version of the game my cheat is designed for is no longer going to exist. However, a Korean user purchased the cheat recently and tested it on the Korean version of the game. As far as he reported, the cheat is working great on the Korean version. Because of this, I will be shifting my focus to supporting the Korean version of Kritika instead once the English version has fully shut down.

    I make no guarantees this is going to happen though as I do not speak Korean and I do not guarantee I will always be able to access the Korean version. The user that tested the cheat on the Korean version has set me up with a Korean Kritika account, for now I will be using that to test things out and adjust parts of the cheat to work better on that version when ready. As far as we know, the Korean version of Kritika still uses GameGuard instead of Xigncode. So I can adjust the cheat to work better for GameGuard instead.

    I am also going to be working on rewriting some other things later on which will affect the cheat. So there are things planned, just no ETA yet. :)

    Thanks again everyone for your support!

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