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Kritika Online - Premium Cheat Update

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by EliteMMO, Nov 19, 2019.

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    Jan 3, 2018
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    Hello everyone,

    Since last night, we have had several users report being temporarily banned from the game due to manually applied bans by the game's developers. You can read our initial report of this here:

    During the last handful of hours since this happened and collecting information from our current subscribers, we have narrowed down the potential cheat(s) that may be monitored. However, because this has now proven that the new reboot of the game has additional server-sided logging/detection that we cannot bypass or reverse at all, it is always a risk that users will be banned at any time, manually, by the company.

    Our cheat is still 100% fully undetected and bypassing XignCode. These are not bans caused by triggering XignCode's detections or anti-cheat mechanisms. These are all manually reviewed bans by information on the server-side.

    Because of this, we are heavily restructuring things with the cheat and want to discuss those changes and what's happening going forward for our current subscribers and future subscribers.

    Changes To The Cheat

    We have removed all the separate tiers of the cheat and have condensed the entire cheat into a single tier.
    This new tier, Tier 6, has access to every single cheat we have made for Kritika.

    This new tier going forward will cost $10 per month.

    Current Subscribers

    As a means to show our thanks to our current subscribers, we are upgrading everyone to this new tier and extending your subscriptions for free based on the highest access tier you had purchased. This means, based on your current highest tier you will now receive:
    • Tier 1 - 1 free month of access added.
    • Tier 2 - 2 free months of access added.
    • Tier 3 - 3 free months of access added.
    • Tier 4 - 4 free months of access added.
    • Tier 5 - 5 free months of access added.

    Words of Caution / Use At Your Own Risk

    As with any type of cheating/hacking in online games, there is always a risk of being banned. This is nothing new. You, as subscriber/user, of our (and any cheat for that matter) take full responsibility for what happens to your characters/data/items/etc. when using applications like ours. We are not responsible for any lost/stolen data. These applications are a 'Use at your own risk.' type thing.

    Going forward, this is going to be even more important to understand and keep in mind. Given that the developers are actively monitoring the game and reviewing logged data, there is a possibility that other options of the cheat can become detected/logged at any moment. We cannot guarantee the cheat will remain fully working or working at all at any point.

    Currently, we have narrowed down potential causes of the bans to being:
    • God Mode
    • Vac Monsters
    • User clear times of high difficulty content. (Hell difficulty with low CR/CP etc.)
    Because of this, we highly encourage users to avoid these options unless you wish to take on that extra risk.

    Thank you to all our current and future subscribers. To the current subscribers, you guys have all been amazing during this and helping us figure out which options could be the cause and I just wanted to thank you all for being understanding and supportive as we make these kinds of changes. :)

    You guys rock!


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