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Kritika REBOOT - Premium Cheat Available!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by EliteMMO, Nov 15, 2019.

  1. EliteMMO

    EliteMMO EliteMMO.com
    Staff Member Kritika Online Lv.6 Kritika Online Lv.5 Kritika Online Lv.4 Kritika Online Lv.2 Kritika Online Lv.1

    Jan 3, 2018
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    Kritika REBOOT - Premium Cheat Hook

    Welcome back to the best Kritika Online cheat available! EliteMMO has been the leader in premier cheats for the Kritika Online game since En Masse took over the franchise for the western market! And now that Kritika has been brought back to life, we are back as well!

    Many will remember our outstanding cheat that remained undetected the full time it was available during the previous version of Kritika and we hope to deliver that same level of quality going forward with the games relaunch.

    Please understand, since XignCode is a "live" anti-cheat, there is always a risk of the cheat being detected. XignCode updates frequently and while we have remained undetected for over a year, it does not guarantee our cheat will work tomorrow. (We sell our cheat on a month-per-month basis because of this potential of being detected.)

    Cheat Features

    This cheat includes a custom XignCode bypass coded by me.
    This bypass only works on Windows 10!

    • Tier 1 Cheats
      • EX-Gauge Always Full
      • Perfect Scoreboard [SS] (No Hits)
      • No Skill Cooldowns
    • Tier 2 Cheats
      • Always Back Attack
      • Skills Cost No Mana
      • Self Heal (/heal)
    • Tier 3 Cheats
      • Stat Overrides
        • Attack Speed
        • Graze Rate
        • Movement Speed
      • Get Position (/getpos)
      • Set Position (/setpos)
    • Tier 4 Cheats
      • God Mode
      • Vac Monsters
      • Fake Buffs
    • Tier 5 Cheats
      • All Cheats Work In Arena / PvP Zones!
      • Vac Players
      • Add Buffs
    Like what you see? Interested in joining the elite list of players using our proven applications?
    Get started by subscribing now!

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  2. EliteMMO

    EliteMMO EliteMMO.com
    Staff Member Kritika Online Lv.6 Kritika Online Lv.5 Kritika Online Lv.4 Kritika Online Lv.2 Kritika Online Lv.1

    Jan 3, 2018
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    Q. Does this cheat work on Windows 7, 8, 8.1?
    A. No. This cheat requires Windows 10. (Works for these Win10 builds currently: 1507, 1511, 1607, 1703, 1709, 1803, 1809, 1903, 1909)

    Q. I remember 'x' cheat being available before?
    A. Yes, we have restructured our cheat tiers since the reboot of the game. Since the game is new and just starting out fresh again, we want to give the game the ability to grow and be successful. Having everyone running around fully geared, cheating arena/pvp, or soloing raids is not ideal for that to work. So for now we have removed some cheats and changed the prices of others. (Things will change later down the road once the game is matured.)

    Q. Can I use this cheat on multiple computers?
    A. No. We have a special hardware locking system that ties your account to a single machine. This is to prevent account sharing and leaking of our cheat.

    Q. Does this cheat work on 'x' region?
    A. Currently, the cheat is designed to work on the English reboot of Kritika. I have been told it works fine on the Korean version as well, but I do not maintain anything for that.

    Q. Are there any videos of the cheat in action?
    A. Currently no. I prefer not to spam information about the cheat all over public sites such as YouTube. While we are not trying to really hide from the games publishers, we also don't want to draw too much attention to anyone. If you wish to confirm the cheat works, join our Discord and talk to one of our awesome subscribers today!

    Q. Has anyone been banned using your cheat?
    A. No! We have never had a reported ban with our cheat ever. Please note though, this game is now published directly from the developers of the game for the reboot. This can change how active/caring the team is behind the game so bans are possible if you are careless while using our cheat. (Never cheat leaderboards for any part of the game, never cheat excessively in pvp, always cheat responsibly while in parties/groups with random players, etc. to avoid being reported.)

    Q. Has XignCode ever detected your cheat?
    A. No! We have remained undetected since we went live back in Jan. 2018. XignCode has updated numerous times since then and we have remained fully undetected.

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