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New Profile Posts

  1. UndeadKookie
    UndeadKookie EliteMMO
    Hello I have just bought the level 6 and require a HD reset
  2. mahao
  3. jeung8985
    jeung8985 EliteMMO
    I need a HD reset
    1. EliteMMO
      Sep 2, 2021
  4. jeongyoungmin
    jeongyoungmin EliteMMO
    Please open the discord channel
  5. jeongyoungmin
    jeongyoungmin EliteMMO
    help can't log in
    1. EliteMMO
      Responded to you on Discord :)
      Aug 22, 2021
  6. Olige
    Olige EliteMMO
    can u invite me to discord channel? ShizueIzawa#1208, ty
    1. EliteMMO
      Added. :)
      Dec 4, 2020
  7. xksrs19930110
    xksrs19930110 EliteMMO
    EliteMMO.Auth.exe gives an error after typing
    1. EliteMMO
      Hello, this is most likely due to your name having unicode characters. Can you send me a private message and we can get this sorted? We will likely need to change your name to normal English characters.
      Nov 30, 2020
  8. NICE2020
    NICE2020 EliteMMO
    high can u please add me on private discord -LYN-#9335
  9. NICE2020
    NICE2020 EliteMMO
    good morning i have just bought the lvl6 bot.. what should i do to get it?
    1. EliteMMO
      Please review the forum, a new section is available after purchasing that has everything.
      Sep 30, 2020
  10. VexcZ
    VexcZ EliteMMO
  11. 2341
    2341 EliteMMO
    Could you tell me your Discord ? / OR please add me JY#2115
    1. EliteMMO
      Sep 16, 2020
  12. VandeirCarvalho
    VandeirCarvalho EliteMMO
    when i try log i have the msg

    80000203: User account hardware information is missing.
    1. EliteMMO
      Sep 9, 2020
  13. SinTrigger
    SinTrigger EliteMMO
    Hey, what are the command prompt for windows powershell? My CMD doesn't work, so I have to use powershell, I assume this works with powershell aswell?
  14. lovemuch
    lovemuch EliteMMO
    Is it still working now? I'm gonna pay it if it works now.
    1. EliteMMO
      Yes, the cheat is working fine.
      Jun 14, 2020
  15. xuezhangbin7
    1. xuezhangbin7
      Can you reply me?
      Jun 4, 2020
  16. blackcrow
    blackcrow thehungryhacker
    legit na legit ba yung Lvl 6?
  17. TheHungryCoder
    TheHungryCoder EliteMMO
    I have purchased T1 but the link provided sends me 404
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    2. EliteMMO
      Hello, looks like things already sorted themselves out as you are properly marked for Tier 1. :)
      Apr 16, 2020
      TheHungryCoder likes this.
    3. TheHungryCoder
      Hello there I WANT TO UPGRADE TO TIER 2 please how can i do so?
      Apr 17, 2020
    4. EliteMMO
      You can contact me via pm instead of here to do this.
      Apr 17, 2020
  18. Olige
    Olige EliteMMO
    Hi, how can i upgrade from tier 2 to tier 6
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    2. Olige
      I've sent it to you. Please check it.
      Apr 10, 2020
    3. EliteMMO
      Should be good to go. :)
      Apr 10, 2020
    4. Olige
      Thanks :)
      Apr 10, 2020
  19. Olige
    how can i upgrade from tier 2 to tier 6
  20. SeanLives
    SeanLives EliteMMO
    Hi, I would like to upgrade from tier 2 to the tier 6 option, how can I do so?
    1. EliteMMO
      Handled via pm.
      Mar 30, 2020
  21. SeanLives
    SeanLives EliteMMO

    I purchased the level 2 hack for Kritika but it won't allow me to extract any of the zip files without a password. I thought this may be my EliteMMO password or my Reference ID but it was neither.

    I would like to access the hacks but not sure how to because of this issue..
    1. Okose
      Same i purchased lvl 3 but EliteMMO pass or Username aint working!!!
      Mar 29, 2020
  22. rikox
    rikox EliteMMO
    hello i would like to buy your kritika cheats msg when you will be online!
    1. EliteMMO
      Jan 17, 2020
  23. TheGwolf95
    TheGwolf95 EliteMMO
    I would like to know if this cheat is still working or not? I would like to purchase it but just wanted to be sure if it is working and undetectable as i am not going to use it frequently/multiple times but some times as i am a casual player not a rush one. Let me know asap. Thanks
    1. EliteMMO
      Hello, yes the cheat is working fine. :)
      Jan 1, 2020
    2. TheGwolf95
      i purchased T2 it is giving me 404 error i am unable to access it
      Jan 1, 2020
  24. TheGwolf95
    Happy new year
  25. sonny123
    sonny123 EliteMMO
    hi im stuck
    in code 800002003 user account information missing