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WARNING: Please be aware, the game publishers can issue manual bans! Our cheat is undetected by GameGuard but the publishers can and will manually ban players! Please use any kind of cheats or third-party tools with caution, at all times!

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  1. Kritika Online - Premium Lv.6

    10.00 USD for 30 days
    Access to the Kritika Online premium application(s).

    This cheat requires Windows 10 / 11 to work!

    Warning: Kritika: ZERO is protected with GameGuard anti-cheat. Our cheat currently bypasses this to allow our cheat/tools to work. However, it is important to note that there is always an increased risk of being banned while cheating. Please use this cheat with full caution!

    EliteMMO is not responsible for any lost characters, items, progress, etc.
    You assume ALL risks while using this cheat!

    Enjoy the following features:
    • Full in-game console.
    • Vac Monsters
    • Vac Players (For use in pvp.)
    • Full Lua state access! Execute any of the games various functions that are available on the client side.
    Included Lua features and commands are:
    • Add Buffs (/addbuff)
    • Get Map Information (/zoneinfo)
    • Get Current Position (/getpos)
    • Set Current Position (/setpos)
    • Massive Damage (/superdamage)
    • Map Damage (/mapdamage)
    • Self-Damage (/selfdamage)
    • Lua script execution. (/lua)
    • Self-Heal (/heal)
    Direct Lua access allows you to control your actor entity in various ways such as:
    • Attack Speed
    • Movement Speed
    • Setting health and mana.
    • Ignoring all cooldowns.
    • Instant full EX gauge.
    • And much much more!